“Fairy Tales of the World”: The second volume is finished!

Shortly before Christmas, the time had finally come; we received the freshly printed picture books with the Chinese fairy tale “The Two Melons”.

The story tells of two women, one good and one bad, of course – as befits a fairy tale. The good woman devotedly cares for an injured bird despite her poverty, while the bad woman has a high opinion of herself and thinks only about how fast she can get rich. Both are rewarded for their behaviour with a “treasure” at the end of the story. It is hiding in a giant melon.

The story makes it clear to young and old alike in expressive pictures how compassion, a willingness to help and selfless devotion to other living beings can be transformed into good a thousand times over.
The fairy tale from China appears in our book for the first time in a German translation. It has been beautifully illustrated by the Istanbul artist Elif Yemenici.

Like our first picture book, you can also obtain this new work from us free of charge. If you are interested, please send a short email to info@sarias-stiftung.org and we will send you a copy by post. If you are interested in receiving several copies, for example for a school class, please contact us and we can arrange an appointment for you to collect them.