Our Mission

Children are the foundation of our world. According to a well-known Indian proverb, “we have not inherited the earth from our ancestors, we have borrowed it from our children.” Children are the future of our society. Everything that we give to our children and everything that we invest in their development and education for peaceful coexistence in a culturally diverse society can and will always contribute to making our planet a better place to live in the future.

Therefore, the SARIAS Foundation dedicates the core area of its work to children especially. Our focus is on teaching children the importance of universal values such as love, respect, appreciation, and tolerance, and making these human values tangible for them in everyday life. Through the transmission of such elementary, universal values, children are able to learn from an early stage of their development that the things that connect people are always stronger than those that divide them.


Our Values

The SARIAS Foundation supports the education and upbringing of children, as well as their cultural and social development. Our goal is to contribute to a positive future by teaching children universal values and their significance.



Get and stay mobile together

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 65 million people worldwide require a wheelchair. 20 million affected people, 25% of whom are children, do not receive this aid. The SARIAS foundation seeks to aid those in need.


“Tell me a story!”

Fairy tales are stories that encourage and convey values. They offer possible solutions for conflict situations and children identify with the fairy tale heroes. We want to use fairy tales as a means to raise children in a culturally sensitive manner.


“It feels the same.”



The 31st Berlin Fairytale Days

20. November, 2020|

This year’s Berlin Fairytale Days will take place from 5th to 22nd November 2020 under the motto of “Heaven and Earth - Fairy Tales and Stories from Above and Below”.




“It feels the same.”



The SARIAS Foundation’s collaboration with Young Euro Classic

In 2019, the SARIAS Foundation supported a concert performed by the Turkish National Youth Philharmonic Orchestra which took place during the Young Euro Classic Music Festival. In 2020, the SARIAS Foundation and Young Euro Classic have decided to embark on a long-term collaboration. With the Next Generation family day, the cooperation partners also hope to promote the development of the next generation in order to facilitate interaction between cultures and religions through musical encounters.


The SARIAS Foundation supports MÄRCHENLAND e. V.

MÄRCHENLAND e. V. is the organiser of the well-known BERLINER MÄRCHENTAGE (Berlin Fairy Tale Days), which takes place every autumn and celebrated its 30th anniversary in2019. Like 2019, the SARIAS Foundation will be contributing to the success of BERLINER MÄRCHENTAGE by providing financial support.

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