The SARIAS Foundation is supporting MÄRCHENLAND e. V. 

MÄRCHENLAND – The German Centre for Fairytale Culture was founded to implant fairy tales as a cultural asset into the consciousness of our society. Fairy tales are particularly important in a culturally diverse society: they transcend borders between young and old, rich and poor, East and West… They are an incalculable treasure of accumulated experience and wisdom. Each one contains values that all of humanity has in common, such as love, friendship, loyalty, courage and dedication.

MÄRCHENLAND e.V. is the organiser of the well-known Berlin Fairy Tale Days, which take place every autumn and celebrated their thirtieth anniversary in 2019.  The motto of the very 1st Berlin Fairytale Days in the year the Berlin Wall came down was “Fairytales transcend borders”. This motto was adopted again in the anniversary year 2019 and has lost none of its relevance. After all, it is still important to connect people from different countries and cultures and thereby make borders superfluous. 

The 31st Fairy Tale Days in November 2020, like many of the major events in this pandemic year, faced completely new challenges and took place online for the first time. 

Just as in 2019, the SARIAS Foundation was also involved in 2020, providing financial support and its own programme of offers. We are delighted to have been able to contribute to the success of the 31st Berlin Fairy Tale Days.