The 31st Berlin Fairytale Days

This year’s Berlin Fairytale Days took place from 5th to 22nd November 2020 under the motto of “Heaven and Earth – Fairy Tales and Stories from Above and Below”.

The uniting power of fairytales is vital in a culturally diverse society. They are an immeasurable treasure trove of experiences and life lessons. Each one contains values that all of humanity has in common, such as love, friendship, loyalty, courage and dedication.

The heroes of fairytales transcend boundaries and overcome obstacles between young and old, poor and rich, East and West and, as was the case this year, between Above and Below.

Due to the necessary measures that are currently in place, for the first time the festival took place online.

We should all stay within our own homes as much as possible. What could be more natural than settling down and immersing ourselves in the realm of adventure and other worlds?

Märchenland e.V. the organiser of the Fairytale Days, has put a great deal of effort into making sure we did not have to miss out on some wonderful fairytale time despite the pandemic. A lot of events can still be accessed in digital form by anyone at any time by visiting

For the second time, the SARIAS Foundation contributed to the success of the Berlin Fairytale Days with financial support and its very own event. Even though a great many things were different this year, we hope our viewers young and old still enjoyed these magical fairytales!