The Next Generation Fairy Tale Concert 

“The Jackal and the Goat’s Little Calf”
The setting of our Ethiopian fairy tale celebrated its première in the Konzerthaus.

Every summer, the Young Euro Classic international music festival invites the best youth orchestras from all over the world to the Berliner Konzerthaus. One of the principal focusses of the festival is inspiring the next generation to take up classical music and related art forms. It must be made easier for children in educationally deprived groups to have access to cultural participation and in many cases that access must be facilitated in the first place. When it is approachable and configured openly, culture can convey a sense of belonging that transcends the boundaries of our own way of life. It was with this in mind that Young Euro Classic collaborated with the SARIAS Foundation in 2020 to develop an innovative format for a Families Day. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic the planned programme could not take place this year. The alternative programme was no less exciting, however.

A little calf is born, but who is the father? The leopard tries to deceive the other animals. How will the other animal characters solve the dispute? Sinem Altan has now set our Ethiopian fairy tale to music for future generations. In three afternoon performances, audiences young and old (aged 6 and over) could listen to actor Nellie Thalbach lend her voice to the animals and read our fairy tale to Sinem Altan’s musical composition in the Kleiner Saal of the Konzerthaus on the Gendarmenmarkt.

Another children’s concert with performer “Hans die Wanze” took place on the Gendarmenmarkt before the event.

Photos: Kai Bienert Mutesouvenir